Wednesday, December 8, 2010

awakening The Enchanted Orchid

The second edition of The Enchanted Orchid has sold upward s of 10,000 copies to date and the second edition continues to find new friends just as many who bought the first edition ask for more. Some like the orchid pictures. Some respon the romnce of speads like the carved marble Buddhas of Burma.i Others go for the travel tales. And the tips on orchid growing help keep interest up and running. Still deciding whether it's time to go to the next editon of take the 'e' train and try e.books and the electric media exclusively. The web draws such immediate response, yet a book in the hand does seem to have enduring popularity.

To take a new tack or go with the present production? That is the question. The old adage if it ain't broke don't fix it may apply. The romantic spreads of the carved marble Buddhas in Burma do give the orchid photos a sense of presence. Likewise the blue Vandas of Chaing Mai and the blue Vandas do add a roman in the current book appears to give such pleasure to the viewers. Still, the cup runneth over with a mass of beautiful new orchid photography taken from recent times and travels. What to do? 

The new effort Striptease - it's all done with flowers is attracting an entirely different market. Younger and slightly more interested in art and illustration drawn freehand on the computer - spirited interpretations of actual plants blooming here in the gardens. We are wear-testing the book through Atlas /BookMasters to see what kind of American audience it reaches. Next cab off the rank The Orchid Teacher is shaping up to be a self help book that encourages folk to learn from nature and the tenacious little orchid. You can browse the opening approach by clicking right here.

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